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FoxxTale Studios LLC, was founded originally founded in 2015 May 10th, and became a legal entity on February 22nd, 2018. We are a production company that creates custom content for streaming platforms and venues. Live events such as concerts, festivals, & parades; or digital productions like Podcast, talks shows, and films. FoxxTale Studios LLC takes pride in being the most flexible production studio there is. Contact our team today if you have a production idea and see how we can assist you in bringing your idea to life on the big screen OR the big stage. 

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In Your City With SyRok Foxx started with just $50.00 and a black suit. Now, with over 35 sponsors and a collective audience of 200,000 thousand people; the platform has rocketed to become FoxxTale Studios highest earning production. Celebrity guest come from all over the map to share a laugh with the electrifying host SyRok Foxx. The Illinois Comedian is touring the country spreading the positive humor in being human. 

Rent A Full Production Team For Rates Starting At $200.00