Big & Loud

Tour Promotion


You do not have to change up your promotion game plan. You have the necessary channels to reach an extensive audience. However the content that will be pushed through these channels will be wrapped in an easy to digest yet high quality package. Heavy promotion on four pillars of the tours image, will feed multiple aspects of the production. Micro consumption media produced by FoxxTale Studios is recycled into sponsorship campaigns, ticket sale campaigns, and live audience marketing. The following is recommended. 

-Photoshoot & Press Press Prep (updated headshots**) 

-Social Media Scurb & Prep

-Digital Commercial Ad (10s,15s,30s)

-Live Action Commercial Advertising (for all media platforms) (10s,15s,30s,1m, 3m)x2

Office with Triangle Windows

Based on the interpretation from your description of the production. We feel that it is important that we land "Fortune" recognized sponsors related to your charitable theme. Each city the tour will be produced in should have  its' own commercially recognized company as lead sponsor. or if possible one single nationally recognized company with roots in each location of the tour. A successful sponsorship of the right size can effectively bring in the smaller companies at a faster rate as the tour pushes on. FoxxTale Studios Interactive Online Platforms, like this one, is what we recommend you use as a foundation when reaching out to larger brands for show sponsorship. 

Gaining Trust


Here's what we have in mind:

  • Targeted hard copy three tier pamphlet

  •  Direct scripted proposal

  • Interactive Online Foundation

A Focused  Audience

Show Day Marketing

On A Live Audience 

Popcorn Movie
Movie Fun

Have you ever watched a movie and thought,  "This is just one big commercial!", well you are right. Every movie, concert, live performance, & TV Show done in mainstream media is essentially one big ad. Some choose to be discrete about the placement, while others put it right in your face. The trade show method is both, and directed at three separate audiences during show time. 

Audience #1) The people in the building will require a direct and indirect call to action. *Donations will be highly effected by the success of this action.

Audience #2) Current & Future Sponsors require a direct campaign line to follow.

Audience #3) The People at home will be effected by indirect advertising, and will provoke at their intentions of involvement.

Trade Show 

Social Media's Algorithm is no laughing matter. Ads and marketing campaigns must grab the attention of its target with in the first 5 seconds of being seen, or it will be skipped. This concept bleeds over into commercial advertising so much that micro media consumption is now taught in colleges. FoxxTale Studios or related personnel will need to document some of your everyday task regarding the tour along with the your team's. involvement. Transparency hand and hand with high quality digital marketing will win over a community following. This campaign will directly effect the $10k a city donation goal, ticket sales, and the gain of new sponsors. 

A detailed list of what needs to be on hand during the show day can not be made until we have a better understanding of each location the tour will be produced in. However, mid to large body posters, three tier tour pamphlets, and even small tangible merchandise should be on the idea board. Show decor as well as printed material should all match the over all color scheme of the tour. This will help with connection of prostate awareness and tour. This will feed into the production's promotion and overall image of DVC. Entertainment legitimacy. 

The website you are on now is an example of an Interactive Online platform. Using this platform to share information with potential sponsors will greatly improve your chances of landing a larger brands backing. This site can be completely customized and targeted to all parties involved. Show dates, ticket sales, and charitable contributions can all be shared through the site plus more. You will essentially have an online headquarters as a foundation for your tour growing and feeding itself as you produce.

The Color Scheme

Color Scheme

Prostate Cancer's national & International ribbon is baby blue. Red helps awareness to pop, and for a modern accent, graffiti turquoise blue. We believe that this overall color scheme will be fitting for commercial attention.