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We have the experience and know how to get your live event out of your head and on the stage. With over 10 years experience in high quality event production, our team can assist as much or as little as you need. Not every one needs the a full studio backing, and others may simply have an idea in their head. FoxxTale Studio's lead producers will listen to what you are trying to create and fill in the blanks of what you are missing. With unbeatable prices compared to the competition and an abundance of resources FTS (FoxxTale Studios LLC)  will assist in turning your production idea into a full fledge production worthy of TV. Cameras, Stages, Lights, Venues the list is endless. Contact us today and lets figure out how we can help you. 

I need a camera crew! can you help?

We sure can! tell us more about your event.

I want to put on a concert, but I don't have a venue or even a set plan. Are you guys able to help?

You Bet! We have access to thousands of venues, lets talk more on what you have in mind.

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