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What is WeedCraze?

The Million dollar question hits. WeedCraze is a conglomerate of resources and information on everything regarding the "Green Rush" of our era, Cannabis. Every thing from bulk product sales to grower supplies and information can be made accessible to the every day person. Have you always wanted to start your own in home grow? Need help understanding your local Cannabis laws? WeedCraze has the knowledge, and supplies to assist with what you need. Safe, reliable, and hardworking on your behalf. New states join the side of legalization every year. With the green movement growing so rapidly, quality control and information is needed now more then ever. Nation wide help is available. Feel free to contact the company with your questions or request. Mention WeedCraze Magazine for special treatment!


Company Representative: BIG T 

Houston TX

The Rise Of A Star


Stand Up Comedian


IG: @tasteekakez2_u

Don't let the title fool you! Comedian Kakez has been established in entertainment for some time now. Modeling, Promotion and more, the high energy comic knows her way around the industry. However when it comes to Stand Up Comedy, she is fairly new. However she has packed a huge punch in the community of StandUp. Recently in which she completed the last leg of a comedy tour produced by Cover Page Comedian SyRok Foxx. Traveling to Texas and shaking up the game in Houston along side the FoxxTale team. WeedCraze recently co produced a Virginia Comedy show in which she featured in the reviews are undeniable

Fan Reviews 

- *She has something that you just don't see in a lot of comedians these days. I love it. - Hou TX. 

- *Kakez by far is my new favorite comedian! yes yes and yes I will definitely support. 


CEO and Founder of FoxxTale Studios SyRok Foxx Comments on Comedian Kakez: "She is straight electrfying, and the crowd falls into her hands as soon as she starts her set. I'm around Comedians almost everyday. She is different!" The platinum selling comedian continues, "You take the package she is offering and put in on screen and I promise you that you will get a million dollar outcome. I believe in her fully."



What Makes Good Bud?

Before we get down to it. Let us first say that the list of things that makes a good strain of bud great can not doubt fill a bible. So these are just a few things that we believe most cannabis connoisseurs. Jumping into it with

#1: LOOK AND SMELL; If you are a human being the first thing you are going to do is look and smell the flower that you are about to buy. No one on this planet is going to buy weed sight unseen. On the off chance that you are doing this...STOP. 

What color is the tree? how bright is it? Do you see crystals? These are just some of the questions you ask your self when seeing a nug. The sniff test should give you fresh vibes. Clean and natural should be what you are looking for both before you roll and after you burn. You don't want your weed to smell like burnt dirt. Cannanbis has it's own scent. Admittedly it's hard to compare it to a more familiar analogy to the uninitiated. But you will know dirt when you smell it.


#2 THE BURN; you are looking for white smoke and no crackling. Bad tree makes noise so listen up when lighting and hitting the joint. Dark smoke  (when smoking with papers) should make you think twice about what your plug is charging you. We'll end our modest list on


#3 THE TASTE! Despite what movies love to depict. Good tree should not burn and taste harsh. You shouldn't be coughing up your internal organs when you smoke. We get sometimes you get caught up, and a little throat clearing is necessary. The right strain for you will hit smooth as fresh lit hookah. 

In conclusion, If your weed is lime green with crystals, some accent colors wouldn't hurt, then you have some good tree. White smoke, smells pungent, and taste great; all clues into if you're going to enjoy your high or if you are smoking skitzle-fritz  


On Tour With SyRok Foxx

We joined Comedian SyRok Foxx on his Summer/Fall Comedy Tour and simply can not believe all that it takes to produce a show. Foxx blew the house away in Alton Illinois headlining at Hirams first comedy show, and on the same night lit the VIP up with the same energy in Downtown St Louis' most prestigious clubs. "It's like, we get the treatment of a rockstar without any of the headaches that come with being famous.", Comedian SyRok describing his current level of celebrity on the entertainment world. He continues, "It's really a blessing when you think about it. Yes I want to reach the next level, but I really want to express my appreciation to my team helping us get this far."

While in Houston, Comedian SyRok was the guest of a hit talk show, The Real Sip and Spill and we watched him charm the host during the interview. They ended up invited us all too vip at CRU. One of Houston Texas' livest Hookah clubs. "This is the type of thing that build stronger bridges between brands. We are sharing a drink with million dollar companies and they are asking us for art." Comedian SyRok Foxx yelled about business growth as everyone took shots in the Section. It is easy to say that the Underground Comedian will be breaking into mainstream soon.





Hard working and Hard Playing, we met Vonnie in VA Beach. Please Give This Month's Beauty a follow on Instagram @Iv_215





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